Just let go, go, go

When was the last time you printed the photos on your camera? How about the last time you took a picture without thinking of social media? These questions have been in my mind for a while and today I would like to share my views on it.

Social media is taking over us and we need to stop this. Sometimes letting go is just the healthiest option. Letting go for your good. A lot of us are not realising but social media is becoming an obsession, something dangerous, something it really isn’t worthy of.

Next time you go to a restaurant, try and enjoy your food without feeling the need to take a picture. Next time you go on a journey, enjoy every moment without needing to snapchat it, without needing to view your surroundings through a lens. Look at it nakedly, barely.

We need to stop distancing ourselves from reality,wake up and live. It is never too late. Take pictures not for the likes but for your passion for photography that social media has made you bury deep down. Our life experiences shouldn’t only exist on social media. We should be able to hold our memories. Because if ‘…you put more of yourself into it what comes out has more of your soul’.


This is not to say that we shouldn’t be using social media. We just need to make sure we are in control.

Ebru xx


Organisation and revision tips

Dear readers,

Today I will be sharing with you some tips on organisation and revision. Hope you find it useful!


Reading room in King’s College London

My tips for organisation:

  • Make to-do lists. Knowing the things which you need to do is a great starting point 🙂 Also it feels great to cross things out as you complete them.
  • Try your best to not postpone tasks you need to complete. If you planned to complete that task today try to do it today. Otherwise, things start piling up and you will start drowning in work 😦
  • Use a planner. Making sure you know everything that you need to have done by the end of the next day will prevent you from waking up in a lost and confused manner trying to figure out what to do, which would just be a waste of precious time.


My tips for revision:

  • Take regular breaks but not too regularly!

The latter part of my sentence arises from something I observed in the library whilst revising for my finals this year. There was a group of students who regularly agreed with each other to do work for 15 minutes and then go for a break which lasted for over the amount of time that they worked for. I found this quite bizarre ahahaha. I use the Pomodoro technique when it comes to taking breaks. This is a famous method discovered by an Italian student in the 1980’s. So what is the technique? It is simply doing work for 25 minutes and taking a 5 minute break. So after completing four Pomodoros which is 2 hours you would have had a 20 minutes break. The key point for this method to be effective is that during the 25 minutes you have to give full concentration to that topic. This means that you don’t distract yourself with anything.

I found this method much more effective than creating revision timetables because I really don’t tend to stick to the timetables.  Creating timetables ahead of time is cautious for me because a lot of unexpected things tend to come up.

The name of the method comes from the fact that the student who discovered it used a tomato looking timer as shown below to time his 25 minutes. But of course you can use any timer that works for you, for example I use my iPhone timer.


Source: Wikipedia

  • For essay based subjects I can recommend using the Cornell method which is a visual way to summarise a lot of information. You simply split an A4 piece of paper into three sections: headings/sub-headings, notes and summary.



Comment below any tips that you have for organisation and revision. I am really curious!




A day in London



Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers – Vincent van Gogh

So our first stop was the national gallery which is amazing. It houses so many familiar paintings and is curated well. You can find paintings from such a variety of artists under the same roof so I definitely recommend having a look for anyone visiting London.

Our next stop was Buckingham palace. The queen wasn’t in the palace for anyone wondering? But there was a guard informing tourists about the implications of the flags flying and not flying and confusions related to this due to things which happened in the past such as  in 1997 when Princess Diana passed away.


Then we headed off to have some lunch, we went to giraffe. It was my first time going to this restaurant but I can say it was quite decent so I would recommend it 🙂


To end the day we went too cookies and cream for some desert :)))

Some random photos from the day:


Favourite Apps

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well and have had a great week! In this post I will be talking to you about the apps that I have lately been enjoying.

Around me.I have found this app incredibly useful because it literally has made me more aware of the amazing narrow street restaurants, cafes and sights around me. It has enabled me to try out many different places instead of going for the same old places.


Scanner. this is a really useful app for when you are nowhere near a scanner (or if you just don’t have one) and you need to email something to yourself. It does its job amazingly and you will never need a manual scanner again!

Pump up. Having started uni I don’t have much time to go to the gym so this app helps to keep me moving! In the morning I do some of the exercises on it and this just gives me a better start to the day. It has timings for each exercise and calories burned which have proved quite useful to me. It obviously isn’t a substitute for the gym but it can be great when you have no time in your hands..

Instasize. So if you have been following my Instagram you would have noticed the change in the pictures being merged into a white background. I am loving this app because it helps to capture the full size picture unlike Instagram when it decides to crop the picture sometimes. Even though Instagram has a square shooting mode some pictures don’t look that great in this ratio so if you want to beautify your instagram timeline this app is a great option.


Phhoto. This app enables you to make cute little videos which constantly repeat itself. You can also make an account and create a timeline just like on Instagram.
IMG_2265Hope you have enjoyed the read and have found the post useful!

Ebru xxx

September favourites


Helloooo my lovelies,

Today I have decided to share with you my September beauty product favourites even though it is slightly late! I would like to start off with the product which I have been the most impressed with and this is the Smashbox photo finish primer. This product is amazing! I apply it all over my skin after moisturising and it suddenly reduces the imperfections. On days I wear foundation I have realised the trick of this product even more as it helped the foundation stay in place throughout the whole day not to mention the foundation literally glided on to my face. The MAC studio sculpt foundation has been another one of my favourites as it really has done the job of a good coverage foundation. Even though I have found that it is a tad too heavy for me for daily use (as I don’t really like the heavy feeling during daytime) I think it really is a product which does what it says. Next up is the Garnier make up remover and I will not go on about this product as many of you have probably heard about how good it is already. But yes it really does remove makeup instantly without much hassle (which is all you need on a lazy day).

IMG_2200 IMG_2201

The Loreal false lash superstar mascara is another one of my favourites. This mascara has two sides and one side is excellent whilst the other side is mysterious to me. I mean one side is white and you are suppose to apply it before you apply the normal black mascara( I think?) but I haven’t really been able to come to a clear conclusion to exactly what it does and the effect it is meant to give. However, the black side is really good as it volumises and lengthens without any clumps. Since I do not tend to use eyeshadow and eyeliner on a daily basis I think this product is able to give my eyes all it needs. I have also really been enjoying the Loreal lipsticks. One of them are in the shade 461- scarlett crème and this one has a creamy formula which I absoloutely love. This shade is worn by me quite frequently on nights out. The second lipstick is in the shade 228-VIP and this one has a matte formula. I am not really liking the formula of this one but am adoring the colour of it so I just put it on with some lip balm.

The last but not least products which I have loved in September are my pink blushers which are pictured below:


The one on the right with the lighter shade is from body shop and this has a powder formula. The second one which is on the left with the slightly darker shade is from Topshop and it has a cream formula. I adore pink blushes as I think it really suits my fair complexion. Both of these products are amazing but when it comes to longevity the cream formula from Topshop has to win as it stays on for much longer.

Ebru xxx

Review of Louis Vuitton exhibition (series 3)

Hi everyone,

It’s been such a long time since I have blogged but things have been crazy! I have started uni and with this so much has entered my life. I am taking part in some societies like the fashion society, and one of the first activities on our agenda was to attend the Louis Vuitton series 3 exhibition. The theme of this exhibition was mind and this was portrayed with this picture below:

'This extraordinary geodesic dome gave a sensational journey into the designer’s soul and an artisan’s heart’.

‘This extraordinary geodesic dome gave us a sensational journey into the designer’s soul and an artisan’s heart’.

What to look out for?

Accessories gallery. This was the room that I liked the most. Mannequin’s were everywhere, all carrying LV shoes and bags, highlighting the importance of these accessories in a woman’s wardrobe. I also thought the white background was really successful in making the creations stand out (although it does make you squint quite a bit).The body language of the mannequins is another thing to point out as it literally made me feel in a catwalk.


A tale of craftsmanship. In this room I was able to see the artisans magical hand movements in the creation of LV bags. It was great to see the ‘behind the scenes’ of these creations as it helped to characterise them outside of an object used in catwalks.


Some creations from the ‘Wardrobe Sensation’…


Personal favourite…


Comment your favourite below!

Denim On Denim!


A stylish and comfortable double denim look from my wardrobe.

How to pull it off?

Double denim can become a mess if you don’t pay attention to some key aspects. So if you don’t want to fall into this trap of looking like a mess, read on. Rule number 1: Don’t choose pieces that have the same wash. It just looks too matchy! Try to do some mixing with the washes. You can even play around with it considering your body shape. For instance, lighter shades of denim can be used to attract attention to areas they cover whilst, darker shades can be used to create a slimming effect. Quite powerful ayy! Rule number 2: Stay away from denim accessories.

These are the main rules I follow when wearing double denim, hope you found it useful!

Ebru xxx

Stationary Haul


There is now just under one week left for freshers’ week! Whoa! ( I will be blogging about my experience of freshers’ week so do stay tuned. ) Following this week I will be starting my first semester. Eeek! I have made some stationary purchases which I feel are necessary. Firstly, I bought some notebooks which I can’t live without. As a huge fan of ‘to do lists’ they are essential for me and also to just jot down anything I’ve got on my mind. Another piece of stationary which has a very important role in my studies and revision are my sticky tabs (from Paperchase). The ones I’ve got have tiny little animal heads on them which are indeed really cute! The reason why they are really useful is because putting them in my textbooks and writing a note on them like ‘read’ or ‘covered’ mean that during my revision I go through everything and don’t go over the topics I feel confident with. Further, highlighters and colourful pens are also a must for me during revision periods just to make revision a bit more indulging.

Ebru xxx